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Three/Fourths Profile by ZeDancingDragonz Three/Fourths Profile :iconzedancingdragonz:ZeDancingDragonz 3 0 Commission: Ice Kingdom, Pyrrhia by ZeDancingDragonz Commission: Ice Kingdom, Pyrrhia :iconzedancingdragonz:ZeDancingDragonz 16 1 Glide to the Stars by ZeDancingDragonz Glide to the Stars :iconzedancingdragonz:ZeDancingDragonz 9 12 Ink and Watercolor by ZeDancingDragonz Ink and Watercolor :iconzedancingdragonz:ZeDancingDragonz 6 3 Foxfire - Contest Entry by ZeDancingDragonz Foxfire - Contest Entry :iconzedancingdragonz:ZeDancingDragonz 49 18 I Roar at Thee by ZeDancingDragonz I Roar at Thee :iconzedancingdragonz:ZeDancingDragonz 17 0 A Rook for a Pawn by ZeDancingDragonz A Rook for a Pawn :iconzedancingdragonz:ZeDancingDragonz 4 0 Abraxos by ZeDancingDragonz Abraxos :iconzedancingdragonz:ZeDancingDragonz 19 13 Zenden by ZeDancingDragonz Zenden :iconzedancingdragonz:ZeDancingDragonz 15 5 Testing Testing 1-2-3 by ZeDancingDragonz Testing Testing 1-2-3 :iconzedancingdragonz:ZeDancingDragonz 2 7 Even in the Face of Death by ZeDancingDragonz Even in the Face of Death :iconzedancingdragonz:ZeDancingDragonz 20 6 You're Funny, Condor! by ZeDancingDragonz You're Funny, Condor! :iconzedancingdragonz:ZeDancingDragonz 17 6 Grumpily Alighting by ZeDancingDragonz Grumpily Alighting :iconzedancingdragonz:ZeDancingDragonz 44 11 Bad by ZeDancingDragonz Bad :iconzedancingdragonz:ZeDancingDragonz 3 2 Alive by ZeDancingDragonz Alive :iconzedancingdragonz:ZeDancingDragonz 4 2 Always There by ZeDancingDragonz Always There :iconzedancingdragonz:ZeDancingDragonz 8 0


Dustin Reference Sheet Collab by AprilSilverWolf Dustin Reference Sheet Collab :iconaprilsilverwolf:AprilSilverWolf 34 6 Mercy by xTheDragonRebornx Mercy :iconxthedragonrebornx:xTheDragonRebornx 330 53 Shared Light by Snowfox-Angel Shared Light :iconsnowfox-angel:Snowfox-Angel 1,596 143 Candlelight by Phoenix-of-Pyrrhia Candlelight :iconphoenix-of-pyrrhia:Phoenix-of-Pyrrhia 55 31 Rivernaiad art trade by Phoenix-of-Pyrrhia Rivernaiad art trade :iconphoenix-of-pyrrhia:Phoenix-of-Pyrrhia 10 3 Gemstone Dragons Collab by xTheDragonRebornx Gemstone Dragons Collab :iconxthedragonrebornx:xTheDragonRebornx 192 31 Glass of the Sea by xTheDragonRebornx Glass of the Sea :iconxthedragonrebornx:xTheDragonRebornx 370 48 Cotinga by AprilSilverWolf Cotinga :iconaprilsilverwolf:AprilSilverWolf 29 16 Turbulence: God of Confusion Collaboration by AprilSilverWolf Turbulence: God of Confusion Collaboration :iconaprilsilverwolf:AprilSilverWolf 42 17 Alien Bird by AprilSilverWolf Alien Bird :iconaprilsilverwolf:AprilSilverWolf 25 6 8 planets of our solar system by Deva-rays 8 planets of our solar system :icondeva-rays:Deva-rays 47 31 Gift: Darksoul by Ningaella3 Gift: Darksoul :iconningaella3:Ningaella3 89 23 Oracle by Red-IzaK Oracle :iconred-izak:Red-IzaK 380 22 The Red Rain by Cylithren The Red Rain :iconcylithren:Cylithren 141 16 Dogwood by AprilSilverWolf Dogwood :iconaprilsilverwolf:AprilSilverWolf 18 11
Some Book Recommendations!
I'm a huge reader, and recently I've really been running into the problem of not being able to find the books that I want to read. Recently the books that I've read have been dull, annoying, or just lacking. This hasn't been the best of years for me, so here are some books that I've read and have loved (I'll keep out Percy Jackson and Harry Potter because those are so well known already). This will be in no particular order, and I'd highly recommend any book on this list to people.
*If you're interested in any of these books, have your own book recommendations, or have read them before it'd be cool if you could comment! I read at an absurdly fast pace and I'm constantly searching for more to read and some more book people who'd want to talk about books.
The List:
The Blackthorn Key by Kevin Sands
I honestly don't know where to start with this book. Of the hundreds of books I've read, this book would definitely be one of m
:iconningaella3:Ningaella3 6 38


Head/Torso Shot
  40 points for a full color, digital head or head and shoulders painting of a character of your choice, transparent or simple background. 
  Complex Background: + 15 points.
  Add a character for 25 points. 
  What I will draw: Dragons of any shape and world, creatures, monsters, mammals and birds, cephlapods. Unfortunately, I don't do humans, sorry. ;P
  Scale Policy: If you want individual scales, like the scales of a fish or snake, it's an extra 10 points. Large scales like MistWisher are included in the original cost, don't worry! 
  Lineless: +10 points. 
  Send a note and use the donate bank to commission, please!
Full Body
75 points for a full color, digital, full-body drawing of your character! 
  Complex Background: + 15 points.
  Add a character for 45 points. 
  What I will draw: Dragons of any shape and world, creatures, monsters, mammals and birds, cephlapods. Unfortunately, I don't do humans, sorry. ;P
  Scale Policy: If you want individual scales, like the scales of a fish or snake, it's an extra 20 points. Large scales like Acturus are included in the original cost, don't worry! 
Lineless: +10 points.
Please send a note and pay through the donation bank to commission, thanks!


ZeDancingDragonz has started a donation pool!
112 / 1,000
Please 'donate' to pay for commissions, or just donate! Help me send my brother to Arizona to dance his dream. A year round ballet program is expensive, and we need all the help we can get!

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ZeDancingDragonz's Profile Picture
Artist | Student | Varied
United States
Hello! I'm ZeDancingDragonz, as you have probably figured out! I like to write, and many of my drawings are of scenes or characters of stories that I've written or want to write. Any feedback/corrections/suggestions on my work is most welcome and encouraged, as long as it's constructive! I hope to learn to animate, as well.
Thank you everyone who's been so welcoming and quick to become my friend. I'm so happy to be part of a community which has so many who share my interests.
There are many artists that I look up to; I would list them here if you wanted me to, but frankly I think you're getting bored of reading all this and I've probably written enough!

My awesome profile image (above) was done by AprilSilverWolf, of Mollusk. Go check her out, seriously, she's amazing.

Thanks, and enjoy your stay!

Mistborn Stamp by xxtayce Wings of Fire Stamp by elsadorable-dolls Throne of Glass Stamp by Deesney
1. How did you get into Wings of Fire?

I honestly can't remember. I read a lot, so you can't really blame me, but it's always been one of my favorite series. 

2. What is your favorite arc?

The second arc, because the world is just so much more developed, and the story is more complicated, and the characters are my favorite. *COUGH COUGH MOONWATCHER AND QIBLI.*

3. Which is your favorite book (Excluding books outside of the mainstream series)?

Escaping Peril, because it's a beautiful mix of sincerity and sarcasm with amazing characterization, themes and all-around hilariousness. 

4. What is your favorite book outside the main series (Winglets/Legends)?

I haven't read many of them, but I really liked winglets Assassin, because Deathbringer. 

5. Out of the 7 tribes, which is your favorite one?

Oh so hard. I really love SkyWings and SeaWings, though if I was in this world I would fit as a SandWing. 

6. Who is your favorite character?

QIBLI. He is so smart and fun and awkward, and I relate to him and love him and think he has just a beautiful character. 

7. We all have someone we don`t like! Who is your least favorite character?

Help. Ummmmmmm I hated Morrowseer the most, I think, because his reasoning for being evil was the one I could least relate too. 

8. Some of the dragons have really awesome designs! Who would you consider to be the most aesthetically pleasing?

Fatespeaker is a gorgeous dragon in my mind, although Anemone seems beautiful as well. 

9. Who is your favorite queen/king?

GLORY. Or Thorn, of course, but I just LOVE Glory. 

10. We have to give at least some love to the dragons we hate! Who is your favorite villain? 

Definitely Darkstalker. He is complicated and well-developed and just so dang creepy in that I would have fallen for his lies and his manipulation. I would have liked him. I would have wanted to be friends with him. And I love that. 

11. Who is your favorite minor character?

Fatespeaker. She is funny and beautiful and someone I'd be friends with if I was in that world. Her story and character are great as well.

12. Who do you think is an overrated character?

Um. I think. . . Blister. She was set up to be super smart and awesome, and I was really looking forward to the crazy challenge she'd present to the dragonets, but she just kind of fizzled out. I guess. 

13. Spread some love to those who need it! Who do you think is an underrated character?

Tamarin, I think. 

14. We've met some pretty quirky scavengers throughout our protagonists` adventures! Who is your favorite scavenger/what is your favorite scavenger moment?

Oh, definitely when Winter sees the scavenger and it distracts him from killing the polar bears.

15. What is your favorite pairing?

Qibli and Moon. 

16. What is your least favorite pairing?

Turtle and Kinkajou. Please don't hate me, but I just think they're wrong for each other. 

17. Share some love to our best dragon pals! What is your favorite friendship?

Winter and Qibli! It's so great how they can support each other; cold to warm, dark to light. 

18. Everybody has to have a favorite moment from the books! What is yours? 

I have two; the part in the first book when Clay rubs the broken wire on the other and plays "the dragonets are coming," and all the prisoners start singing. THE MOST BEAUTIFUL MOMENT EVER. And:


When Qibli looks up at Darkstalker after being offered animus magic, after everything in his thoughts is saying yes yes yes and says "no." I FREAKING LOVED IT. 

19. There are SO many deaths in the series, but whose do you think was the most tragic? 

Arctic, I think, because of the irreversible way it set Darkstalker towards, well, darkness. Or Gill, because it's just so horrible that Tsunami had to kill him. 

20. The dragonets always stumble upon situations which give them no choice but to fight! What is your favorite battle/fight scene? 

Oh man. Ummmm. . . I think when the Jade Winglet first fights Shapeshifter. That was very exiting. Although, I also loved it when Clay fought Peril in the first book, because I was like: GO CLAY GO, and GO PERIL GO and NO DON'T FIGHT HER SHE LOVES YOU and AHHHHHH all at the same time. 


TOWER OF DAAAAAWN! I got. I read. It was wonderful. Now I have to wait until 2018. 
If anyone wants to book talk please do, because I need to talk about all the new info and cliff hangers. 
I swear this is how my friends experience me. 
Friend: . . .
Later: Friend starts Heir of Fire. 
    "'What should I call you?' 'Rowan'"
 Friend: *waits.*
Nothing happens.
Friend: Well, damn, with the way Tobin is always obsessing about him I was expecting a chorus of angels or something. Trumpets. Fireworks. Oh well.
Someone. Help. Me. 
September. . . september 5th. . .  *trying to keep from hyperventilating.* HOW DO I CURB THIS INCESSANT NEED FOR THRONE OF GLASS???? I just read the whole series twice more these past few weeks. I need more. Tower. Of. Dawn. Comes. Out. September. 5th. 

I'm not going to make it. 


What is going to happen to poor Aelin?
What is going to happen to poor Rowan?
What is going to happen to POOR FLIPPING EVERYONE?

Elide needs a ship and a wyvren. 
Aedion and Lysandra need to get back together. 
Rowan needs to find Aelin and they need to NOT DIE.
Sarah J. Maas has to stop ripping my heart out and stamping it into the ground and then making me wait for the next book. 

I'm not going to make it. 
Okay. . . I come on; 19 NEW WATCHERS! When did that happen? Anyway, thanks everybody! 


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Life has been happening; I can't get on here as often as I could before. School, my novel, all my books, dance. . . 

But I want to talk to you more. And everyone else.
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Oh that's fine! Lol I still need to make a proper ref anyway, but just know I'll commission you soon!
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